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Messages have staying power when you use magnetic cards that stick to steel surfaces. This product features a premagnetized integrated... Peel & Fold cards offer two-sided cards without the expense of duplexing! After printing, the recipient peels the card out... No more missed appointments! Appointment cards with reminder stickers are 3.5" x 2". This rounded corner, smooth edge, punch out... Produce high-quality, vivid color, digital images with Glatfelters Pixelle® inkjet papers. Designed for desktop and wide-format printers, Pixelle is available... BPM, Inc., a specialty paper mill and leader in salt water taffy twist wrap, confectionery wrap and specialty packaging, is...
YORK, Pennsylvania  October 1, 2014  Glatfelter (NYSE: GLT) announced that today it completed the previously announced acquisition of... Düren, 16 January 2014  the Reflex Premium Papier AG has started with into the new year with some tailwind.... Düren, 9 July 2014  it has been a year the insolvency procedures were opened. In the meantime many project...
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